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UBIQUITI Nano station 2 (2,4 Ghz)/ 5 (5,8 Ghz) (NS2/NS5)

Rp. 1,172,400
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  • Ubiquiti NanoStation2 (NS2) The Ultimate 2.4GHz Outdoor CPE for the Global WISP Community Adaptive Antenna Polarity integrated 10 dB panel, 400 mW radio, POE
  • The device designed to advance the Global Wireless ISP industry to the next level. Featuring a compact indoor/outdoor design and an interface so intuitive even the most technically challenged can instantly become experts. But, don't be fooled; it is as powerful as it is simple.
  • Nanostation packs some phenomenal performance with a revolutionary design combining a hi-gain 4 antenna system, advanced radio architecture, and highly researched and developed firmware technology allowing throughput, stability, and capacity performance rivaling even the highest-end WiMax networks

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