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D-LINK AirPremier N PoE Access Point (DAP-2360)

Rp. 175,000
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The DAP-2360 is an 802.11n Plenum Rated PoE Access Point ideal for any network administrator to create or expand the capacity of their wireless network. At transfer rates of up to 300Mbps in 2.4GHz users are able to connect with legacy 802.11b/g adaptors as well as the latest 802.11n adaptors to enjoy faster downloads and instant communication.

Data RatesUp to 300Mbps 
Network Configuration
  • Network Management
    • Telnet - Secure (SSH) Telnet  
    • Web Browser interface  
    • HTTP - Secure HTTP (HTTPS)  
    • SNMP Support  
    • D-View Module - Private MIB  
    • AP Manager II  
    • AP Array  
EncryptionUp to 128-bit Encryption
  • Security
    • WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access® (WPA-PSK, WPA-EAP, WPA2-PSK, WPA2-EAP), Wireless MAC Filtering  
Operating Frequency
  • Wireless Frequency Range
    • 2.4 GHz  
  • Operating Modes
    • Access Point (AP)  
    • WDS with AP  
    • WDS/Bridge (No AP Broadcast)  
    • Wireless Client  
Dimensions(166 x 188 x 37 mm) WHD 
Weight1.69 lb (768g) 
Network Connection1x LAN Port (RJ-45) PoE Supported 
Antenna5 dBi @ 2.4 GHz 
Standards Protocol
  • Wireless
    • IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n  
  • Wired
    • IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab, 802.3af  
Kesesuaian / Kecocokan
  • 802.11n 2.4GHz Single Band  
  • New White Plenum rated housing  
  • Support 802.3af PoE / Gigabit Ethernet port  
  • Support AP/WDS/WDS with AP/AP Client mode  
  • Supports Multiple SSID/VLAN  
  • Up to 26dbm High Power radio design  
  • Plenum-rated Chassis  
  • Support AP Manager II/AP Array/D-View/SNMP/Web/Telnet/SSH/SSL for Management  

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